Alkaline Water

Water is the source of life, key to all the functions of our bodies. When your body is well hydrated, it is able to dissolve and move nutrients and toxins more effectively. And while any water will quench your thirst, the quality, purity and hydration ability of different waters vary dramatically. Our search for a superior water to provide super-hydration and important health benefits to our clients led us to Kangen water.

Kangen is alkaline water, free of chemicals, chlorine, and high levels of acidity that cause oxidization. Alkalinity is of the utmost importance because disease cannot grow in an alkaline body. Acid produced by our bodies can be neutralized in an alkaline environment, allowing our bodies to best recover after physical exertion. In this way, Kangen water restores the body to a natural balance and is an extremely potent anti-oxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals and keeping your body in optimal health.

Bodystream has taken Alkaline Water to a whole new level. Our onsite water treatment takes the water through various stages of filtration. The final process passes through a .015 micron filter that literally removes everything but pure natural H2O. We then take this purified water and pass it through the Kangen water filtration machine that bombards it with negative ions, creating what we believe to be the most advanced alkaline water available.

Come in and try Bodystream’s Alkaline Water. Not only will you taste the difference, but you can literally feel the difference.

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