Vibroacoustic Therapy

vibroacoustic-e1354129026649-300x218-300x218Vibroacoustic Therapy is the process of “hearing sound vibrations through the body” by providing audio and tactile stimulation to the body and mind. Sound frequencies through headphones promote a meditative state or non-thinking while a second set of audio frequencies are directed towards the body, gently coaxing it into a relaxing and pleasurable state. This unique therapy of exercising the central nervous system may assist in reducing the client’s mental stress and physical tension.

Continual use of this therapy may reinforce new habits of learning to deal with stress in the moment. Overtime, one may become more proficient at shifting out of their inner defensive responses to mental anxiety without engaging in programmed patterns of the past. Healing takes place as you rest comfortably on a contoured massage recliner.


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